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Why should lawyers do email marketing?

By January 20, 2022April 9th, 2024Marketing for Lawyers

Email marketing is the best way for lawyers to get new clients more easily.

Period. No doubt about it. I know this firsthand.

But if it’s such a powerful tool for getting new clients, then why don’t more lawyers don’t use it?

Answer: they don’t have any clue how simple and easy it is.

I didn’t have any idea either. But once I found out, it flabbergasted me.

Why is email marketing powerful?

The main reason is it fuels more referrals. Let’s examine why.

Referrals happen when someone who might pass your name along to a potential client thinks of you at the moment the opportunity presents itself.

Staying top of mind is key

When you remind people about your services you’ll be, as they say, “top of mind.”

And when you’re in the top of more people’s minds, you’ll get more referrals. It’s that simple.

So how do you do this?

Staying in regular contact matters

If you stay in regular contact with people that already, know, like and trust you, they’ll be more likely to think of you at the right moment.

Why else might incline them to refer a matter to you? Two main things:

  • If they know you handle the type of matter that they’re being asked about,
  • If they believe that you’re the best lawyer to handle that type of matter.

So, how can you make it more likely to (1) have people remember you, (2) know what kind of law you do, and (3) think of you as the best lawyer for that kind of matter?

It’s obvious: by staying in regular contact, and reminding them of #2 and #3.

It’s easy & scalable 

How can you reach all of your prospective referral sources to remind them in the easiest way possible?

That is, in a way that doesn’t cause you to have to make lots of phone calls, or take lots of people to lunch.

Sadly, very few lawyers know the answer to this question.

Sending emails is super easy

Emails that you send to a select group of people at once every month will accomplish this. But, only if you write the emails in a sincere, friendly, non-annoying way.

Want to learn more?

If you’re the slightest bit daunted by the prospect of setting up an email newsletter and figuring out what to write about, then let’s talk.

I can tell you about my comprehensive course on email marketing.

It’s designed to help you

  • Set up your account (using ConvertKit, because it’s free and powerful)
  • Write your emails using templates I provide (one of which is only 200 words).
  • Broadcast the emails to a group of referral sources that’s most interested in hearing from you.
  • Write the monthly emails you’ll send to get more referrals (and better referrals over time).
  • Learn how to set emails to go out in the future at a specific date and time (super convenient and useful)
  • Learn how to recycle emails you’ve created to reuse in the future.
  • Steadily automate most of the process (so that, eventually, you’ll end up spending only 30 minutes per month on your marketing)

If you already have an email account, my course will give you lots of tips for improving how you do email marketing.

If you have a website, it’ll show you how to connect a lead capture form to the website (again using ConvertKit). But you don’t need a website, so don’t think that’s a requirement.

In short, I’m confident that, once you learn how to send out monthly emails you’ll start getting more referrals. And you’ll realize how easy and powerful this marketing method is.

Few things in life are easy, inexpensive (or free), and powerful.

Let’s Talk

So if you’re interested in the course, or anything else related to email marketing, set up a free call and we can chat about it.

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