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Join the Inner Circle

So what is this, exactly?

It’s an online community of solo and small firm lawyers who want to use technology to get more done with less effort. In short to remove friction and gain freedom.
It’s a place where we all share best practices, useful shortcuts, and failed experiments. We do this to help others avoid unnecessary friction and frustration. And they, in return, do the same to help us.
The lawyers here are not only helpful, but also friendly and down-to-earth. If being part of this kind of group sounds appealing, click below.

Valuable discussions

Members have ongoing discussions about useful topics such as:
  • Automation & Artificial Intelligence (e.g. ChatGPT)
  • Online Marketing to get better clients more easily
  • Cybersecurity protection to avoid getting hacked
  • Creating better systems & streamlined workflows
  • Outsourcing via low-cost VAs (e.g. in the Philippines)
  • Working remotely (e.g. while traveling to exotic places)
  • “Productizing services” (e.g. passive income side-hustles)

Valuable resources

Members also get access to valuable resources such as:
  • Regular “Office Hour” Zoom sessions
  • ChatGPT for Lawyers course
  • Marketing Basics course
  • Law Firm Systems course

Who’s it best suited for?

🚫 It’s NOT coaching for lawyers who aspire to “10x their practices” or who relish attention-seeking (i.e., thousands of Facebook or TikTok followers).
👨🏻‍💻 Inner Circle is FOR lawyers who want:
  • 🎯 help with practice management issues
  • 🎯 help to decide among various technology options
  • 🎯 answers to questions that consultants are best able to answer.
  • 🎯answers to questions that fellow lawyers are best able to provide
Or maybe you sometimes think:
“I’d like to quickly find out what’s really working well for most lawyers like me
If so, you’ll appreciate being part of Inner Circle.

Praise for Inner Circle

Here’s what members say about their experiences…

“The Inner Circle is a fantastic way to keep up with new technology, tools and ideas that help lawyers in their law practice. I recommend it to keep up with the relentless rapid pace of change.” — Monty A. McIntyre

“I joined hoping to converse with like-minded lawyers and learn new ways to improve my business. It has 110% delivered what I was looking for.

I appreciate the helpful posts and conversations from fellow members about law-related topics and being updated on Al insights for lawyers, new apps, and things we can do to work smarter.” —Elizabeth Larrick

“Inner Circle offers useful advice from other practitioners, and from Ernie, on the nuts and bolts stuff that really makes a difference in my practice (in contrast to high-dollar consultants that provide more conceptual work that I don’t find helpful).

This community has been a godsend in that regard. It is a replacement for the trial-and-error system of the first 10 years of my practice with regard to all the many tools involved in solo and small firm practice.” —Marty Sullivan

“Ernie is a pioneer in helping lawyers learn about and adopt technology that
improves legal service delivery and law firm management. His Inner Circle is
invaluable for busy lawyers who want to stay ahead of the curve.” — Tom Kirkendall

“The heart of this group’s mission is crystal clear: helping lawyers embrace and thrive in the digital age. I’ve known Ernie for over a decade and have seen his unwavering dedication to innovation and learning first-hand.

The “office hours” have been unexpected troves of knowledge. These unscripted moments often evolve into profound discussions, leading to some of my most cherished takeaways.” —Aaron Krigelski

Any Questions? 🤔

If you want to ask questions about Inner Circle 👉 click here to book a free call with Ernie.

Or, if you’re ready to join now, then👇

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