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Text Automation for Lawyers

By February 2, 2022May 31st, 2023automation, Law Firm Operations, law practice

Let’s discuss text automation for lawyers. Because…

Lawyers all produce a lot of text in their job, most of which is low level stuff.

For example, a lot of the text output involves routine email responses, often-used phrases, and common template snippets.

Drowning in drudgery

Each of these routine email responses or template insertions takes up a lot of valuable time. Essentially, lawyers are “reinventing the wheel” when they create text from scratch.

Obviously this isn’t efficient. For some lawyers, slow typing skills make it even more challenging.

Some lawyers use voice dictation as way of speeding up the process. However, voice dictation, while faster than typing for some, is still a form of manual creation.

It’s just a slightly faster way of reinventing the wheel using a different tool.

This problem of reinventing the wheel with text creation is mentally draining.

And, worst of all, it distracts from other more important tasks.

Bottom line: Too much time is spent on routine text output.

The good news is that there’s an easy solution.

TextExpander to the rescue

TextExpander automates routine text creation, enabling lawyers to generate pre-set responses at hyper speed.

And in the process it completely changes how lawyers can communicate and create documents.

No more repeating the same messages; TextExpander breaks that cycle.

It makes streamlines a swath of drudgery in one fell swoop, so lawyers can focus on more high value work.

TextExpander is not just about faster typing.

It helps lawyers work smarter. And it helps them increase the overall value of their work.

Once you start using it you’ll quickly realize what a game-changer it is, just like this lawyer.

Try it for free

You can start using TextExpander for free.

As soon as you get it up and running, you’ll start feeling an immense burden being lifted.

Check out the 3-minute YouTube video below to see a demonstration of its power.

Little things matter a lot

Stop reinventing little wheels.

Start using TextExpander and discover how much easier and better your life can be.

  • 👉 Click here to start a free 30-day trial now.

I guarantee this will be a game changer for you just like it has been for so many other lawyers.

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