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Ernie Svenson

My journey

I was born to a Panamanian mother and Psychoanalyst father whose divorce and bitter custody battle led to my becoming a reluctant key witness.

That experience, plus watching a lot of Perry Mason episodes gave me the idea that I should become a lawyer.

Becoming a lawyer

I graduated law school in 1985, having done well enough to land a federal clerkship with a demanding judge who taught me many valuable lessons in two years.

Then I spent 20 years practicing commercial litigation in a fairly big New Orleans firm. I loved the people but not the lumbering bureaucracy.

Going Solo

So, I started my own firm. It was a daunting move, but it turned out to be good decision. Here’s how the transition happened…

I walked out of my 40th-floor office on a clear, crisp Friday afternoon, taking client files that would have required a 15’ U-Haul truck to transport if they hadn’t been stored digitally in the 2 lb. laptop I had tucked under my arm as I entered the elevator on my way to greater fulfillment and freedom.

I truly enjoyed my solo practice because I got to call all the shots (i.e., reject toxic clients, and work as much or as little as I wanted).

Other lawyers noticed my bliss and asked me to help them, so I did.

Helping other lawyers

I focus on helping solo/small firm lawyers because they need tech guidance more than lawyers in big firms.

Big firm lawyers have the luxury of wasting resources. I’m guessing you don’t.

You probably spend a lot of time cranking out complex documents, trying to meet strict deadlines, schedule meetings, deal with anxious clients, and struggle to find more time with loved ones (who hate watching you at your smartphone every 5 minutes like an over-caffeinated day trader).

The key to success

In other words, you need to maximize your use of scarce resources (e.g. time, energy, and money).

This is especially true when dealing with technology.

Be Selective

Technology is complex, rapidly changing, and highly disruptive. So, you need to reduce complexity and eliminate disruption.

And that means you must use it strategically. Which mostly means selectively.

Focus on the vital few

I advise lawyers in solo or small firm practices to focus 12 tech tools that have the greatest impact on their overall efficiency.

Using these tools will enable you to completely transform your practice, just like I did.

And like the other lawyers I’ve helped.

How I help other lawyers

Mostly I’ve helped by way of…

Awards received

What lawyers say about me

“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter…while watching everyone else run around in circles.” — Catherine Fairchild

“Ernie is a pioneer in helping lawyers adopt technology, and I highly recommend him if you want to improve your law firm’s efficiency and effectiveness.” — Tom Kirkendall

“Ernie has been nothing short of extraordinary. He’s shown me how to use technology to reduce stress, increase efficiency, and have more free time. —Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew.

“Useful advice on the nuts and bolts stuff that really makes a difference in my practice (in contrast to high-dollar consultants that provide conceptual stuff that I don’t find helpful). — Marty Sullivan

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