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My Journey

From BigLaw to Big Changes

I started out practicing commercial litigation in a big firm. Think: mountains of paper, high stakes, and high stress.

At first, the cases were fascinating, so I overlooked the stress. As I climbed the ladder and made partner, I noticed more problems.

Things like: high-quota billables, petty politics, and mindless bureaucracy.

And so what initially attracted me to big firm practice felt less important. Things like:

  • Making lots of money
  • Having big firm stature
  • Working in a fancy office

I now craved something simpler. But whenever I fantasized about going solo, I was terrified.

Could it actually work? Or would I fail and face ridicule?

I knew a lot of lawyers would think I was second-rate if I gave up the big money and my 40th-floor partner’s office. I really didn’t care about that.

But getting mired in handling tedious admin work? No, definitely not.

Yet, theoretically, computers could enable lawyers to automate low-level work and concentrate more on the interesting stuff we truly enjoy.

One day, someone showed me how to scan documents into my laptop.

And that was the moment everything changed. A light bulb went off in my head.

I realized that now I could work from literally anywhere, dramatically lower my overhead, and still deliver top-tier legal services.

I sought out more mentors who could help me learn more. And I found them online.

These folks showed me how to get a low-cost website. And how to use a virtual receptionist that was just as good as the one my big firm used, but cost almost nothing.

In short, I achieved maximum ROI with minimal overhead.

All of which enabled me to:

  • work at my pace
  • outmatch big firms
  • easily get great clients.

My tech-driven practice became not just profitable but also FUN.

Over the past decade, technology has created even more opportunities for solo and small-firm lawyers to make big improvements.

This brings me to my new mission…

Helping Others

Other lawyers noticed what I was doing and asked me to help them revamp their practices, so I did.

I’ve helped via…

Awards received

Getting recognition for doing what you love to do is nice, but…

What matters most

…are the RESULTS I’ve gotten for many solo and small firm lawyers.

Specifically, those who wanted to leverage the power of technology better (and develop better systems for doing so).

Here’s what they say:

“I learned to develop systems to make my practice more efficient and profitable.” — Christine Senne

“I can’t say enough about how much Ernie has helped my practice.” — Bin Xia Zhang

“Ernie’s recommendations helped me to go paperless. And I now feel completely liberated.” —Darlene Daniele

“Thanks to Ernie, most of my payment, docs and communication are systematically automated.” — Wes Bailey

“I haven’t been this excited about my business in years.” — Joseph Rockne

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How to Improve

Charlie Munger is one of the most successful lawyers and business investors ever, and his success stems from his ability to learn effectively.

His advice is to piggyback off the knowledge of other people who’ve achieved what you want to achieve.

This advice obviously applies to figuring out how to leverage technology in a law practice.

Want some help?

If so, start with the 80/20 Principle.

And if you want to talk in person, schedule a free call.

Helpful Books

If you want to shed paper and create automated workflows, check out these books.


If you want me to speak at an event click here

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