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Simple referral marketing for lawyers

By February 8, 2022April 9th, 2022Marketing

Referral marketing using email is the best way to stay “top of mind” and get more good clients — easily & cost-effectively. The trick is not to overthink or overcomplicate things.

Let’s zero in on what makes an email referral marketing system effective.

Basically, it’s that we’re keeping in touch with potential referral sources and:

  • Reminding them
  • Regularly, in a
  • Reasonable way that we
  • Care about helping our clients, and we
  • Know how to best help them

Sending a monthly email is an easy, powerful way to send regular reminders.

But if we send too many emails, that might be perceived as unreasonable (at least by some folks). Then they’ll unsubscribe from our emails.

Also, saying too much in emails is dangerous. It’s best to keep our emails short and sweet. If you want to do that, here’s…

A Little Known Secret

You can create short content for Twitter, and then later include that same content in your monthly email. 

For example, here’s  by a divorce lawyer named Erin.

Nota Bene…

The reason behind the effectiveness of this tweet may not be obvious, so let me explain.

By posting this tweet Erin is:

  1. Providing helpful information (by simply linking to a ).
  2. Reminding people she is an experienced divorce lawyer (that’s established by the sentence that she uses to introduce the article)
  3. Reminding people she cares about helping them (which can be inferred from the fact that she takes the time to post this information to Twitter)

Now, having done this, she can turn around and do the same thing in a monthly email (which hopefully she is doing).

This is a useful lesson in how easy it is to create content just by finding good information to link to.

In fact, this lesson is so important I in my course in

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ll start using email marketing to get more good referrals, and discover for yourself how simple, easy, and powerful this method is.

Assuming you don’t make it , that is.

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