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Unnecessary complexity

By January 8, 2020October 13th, 2020Approach, assistance, focus

It’s your #1 enemy if you want your law practice to be easy to manage.

You know you hate complexity. But yet you let it overtake you.


It’s a common phenomenon. Let’s start with what…

Author Tren Griffin once observed: “too many people take a situation and create complexity where none is needed.”

He then went on to relate an illustrative story about NASA. Early in the space program, NASA discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity.

So their scientists spent a decade, and huge amounts of money, developing a pen that wrote in zero gravity.

It worked on almost any surface, and at extremely low temperatures, and in any position a NASA astronaut might be in while writing.

Meanwhile, the Russians settled on a simpler, less expensive solution…

Their astronauts used pencils.

Lawyers tend to act more like the NASA engineers: we slide into complexity (even when it’s not necessary) because it feels normal.

And we wind up working harder than we need to as a result.

Perhaps you can’t eliminate complexity in the legal profession as a whole, but you CAN in the management of your business.

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