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Question everyone & everything

In fast changing, it’s best to be self reliant.

When times are stable and predictable, it might make sense to follow the well-worn path, stick to the rules, and not question authorities.

But now?

Now it’s wise to cultivate self reliance, and question “conventional wisdom.”

Here’s a better approach.

  • Think for yourself
  • Act and decide for yourself (it’s better to make your own mistakes and learn from that self generated feedback)
  • Create your own momentum (believe in yourself and what you can accomplish and then start small habits that fuel that belief, realistically)
  • Own your mind space (don’t reflexively adopt doubts & fears of others)
  • Question your assumptions (along with everyone else’s), and
  • Build the exact law practice you want to have (and don’t settle for less)

Beware who you trust

If you’re going to give weight to the opinions of others, make sure you trust their thinking process and understand it sufficiently.

For what it’s worth, I trust Morgan Housel a lot.

he just published provides a good window into his thinking.

And his book is an absolute masterpiece.

But, of course, that’s just my opinion.

You should decide for yourself whom to trust.

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