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Setting Boundaries in Your Business

In the fast-paced world of today, your time and energy are valuable assets that require you to create good boundaries in your business.

Setting clear boundaries is not only a personal necessity but also a critical business strategy.

Establishing Boundaries in Business

When it comes to running a successful law practice, boundaries are not merely a recommendation; they’re a necessity. Think of them as the hidden scaffolding that supports the architecture of your professional life. They enable you to maintain your focus, operate efficiently, and prevent the kind of disruptions that can throw your day into chaos.

Preventing Unwanted Interference

The first aspect of boundaries revolves around the concept of limiting outside interference. These are the fences you put up to ensure people don’t intrude into your life at inopportune moments.

Whether it’s keeping client calls within office hours or ensuring that your weekends are sacrosanct, these boundaries help you maintain a work-life balance. You should come up with a policy that defines what kinds of clients you will accept (e.g., something like this).

The Right Clients and the Right Tasks

The second aspect involves deciding with whom you want to work. Lawyers should have strict criteria about the clients they take on. Similarly, you need to determine what tasks you’re willing to perform.

For instance, if you’re the kind of lawyer who prefers email communication, but a potential client is adamant about using only phone calls, that’s a boundary issue. In such cases, you might opt not to accept them as a client.

Tools like Calendly, a popular type of automated scheduling software, can help enforce your availability, further reinforcing your boundaries.

The Art of Stealth Boundaries

Beyond these overt measures, there exists a third, more subtle form of boundaries: stealth boundaries. These are the unspoken rules that guide behavior without directly articulating them.

Imagine a magician using misdirection to control the audience’s focus.

Stealth boundaries enable you to manage expectations and client behavior without making explicit demands. This can include methods like providing limited options for appointment slots, thus steering the client towards your preferred timeline.

Why Boundaries Matter

The significance of establishing boundaries in business cannot be overstated. They allow you to remain in control of your time and your relationships, making your work not just more efficient but also more enjoyable.

In a field like law, where stakes are high and time is a precious commodity, boundaries act as invaluable tools for maintaining your sanity and your success.


Whether it’s deciding who qualifies to be your client, what tasks you’re willing to undertake, or when you’re available for calls, setting boundaries enables you to operate at your best.

With clear boundaries, you prevent unwanted situations and drive your practice towards your goals. Take the time to set these boundaries, and you’ll become much happier in your practice and your personal life too.

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