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What it feels like to create systems

Creating systems for your law practice is so incredibly important, and yet…

Most attorneys can’t seem to find their way to actually doing it.

And believe me, I understand why.

Creating systems means documenting how work is supposed to be done. And if you’re going to document workflows you can’t half ass it.

You have to pay attention to the intricate details and document key steps in a detailed way (including using screenshots if necessary).

You have to be incredibly patient, especially at first.

That’s why documenting systems probably feels a lot like building a ship in a bottle.

Anyone can learn to build a ship in a bottle, if they’re willing to learn the process.

Much Easier

Creating systems by documenting them is a LOT easier than building a ship in a bottle.

But when you first learn to document workflow steps it can feel like building a ship in a bottle.

The Best Way

If you want to learn to document workflows the best way is to write out the steps in whatever way is easiest and feels most natural.

Eventually, you’ll get to the level where you can document workflow steps like this.

All it takes is persistence and patience.

Once you get over the initial hurdle of feeling awkward (due no doubt to excessive perfectionism and self-criticism) you’ll gain massive momentum.

Eventually you’ll be able to treat your practice like most of it’s on autopilot.

And that will feel absolutely sublime.

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