Your best clients HATE this

By September 27, 2019Marketing

If you want to attract better clients you need to make a better impression of yourself.

Especially online.

Too many lawyers have websites festooned with meaningless jargon and mindless catchphrases.

And you can be sure these lawyers would be shocked to discover that most of their website visitors don’t find this language appealing.

Do you find jargon appealing?

No, you don’t. And neither do the lawyers who have websites filled with jargon.

How is it that we all tend to fall prey to spewing jargon when we communicate with strangers?

What makes so many of us do this?

What makes it so hard for us to realize we’re doing it (when it’s so easy for us to spot others doing it)

Do you really want to know? Or are you just reading this to pass the time?

Okay, here’s the answer…

We use jargon because it’s safe. We see everyone else doing it, so deep down (in our reptile brains) we think “this is safe.”

We don’t want to put too much of ourselves “out there.”

So we play it safe.

Better to use common catchphrases than to try to say something personal and meaningful. That’s the idea behind “playing it safe.”

But here’s the paradox.

When you play it safe and speak in meaningless catchphrases people tune out, especially strangers who stumble across your website for whatever reason.

People in the audience that you’re speaking to will tune out too. Some will get up and leave.

People don’t like jargon. They don’t’ like superficiality.

They don’t like insincerity.


If you want more good clients, you need to learn how to communicate with people in an authentic, personal way.

And if you’re interested in learning more about this, and also actually DOING it (for your website, or for your marketing in general), let me know.

I’m putting on a small workshop soon, and I’ll be giving a few folks some hands-on guidance on how to attract better clients in a powerful way that’s also tasteful.

To learn more about it, click here.