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Uncommon Insight

By August 13, 2021November 2nd, 2021Law Practice Management, success mindset

Amazing opportunities abound because of digital tech (as I’ve ), but…

You need to cultivate insight to be able to (1) see valuable opportunities, and then (2) leverage them effectively.

So what is “insight” exactly?

Well, here’s what it’s not: haphazardly collecting information from various sources and rummaging through it all hoping to find something valuable.

I subscribe to many blogs where the authors vigorously collect links to news sources and then share those links.

That’s not insight. That’s information.

At this point, it’s safe to say that all of us have too much information to deal with. We don’t lack for information.

What we lack is insight.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, no one can give you insight. They can’t give it to you in blog post.

If that was possible I’d try to do that. But I can’t.

What I CAN do, however, is to offer some , case studies, and that can help you shift your thinking.

When you shift your thinking to a new perspective you’ll probably gain some useful insights.

And, as for useful case studies, let’s remember Henry Ford…

Ford when he .

That’s how he got the idea for the assembly line for building his cars more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Multi-Disciplinary Thinking

One way for lawyers to shift their thinking is to examine closely what’s happening outside of the legal profession.

That’s how I was able to see all of the powerful opportunities that helped me transform my practice.

If you want to learn how to run a modern business, don’t look at only lawyers. Most lawyers aren’t running their businesses in an effective manner.

The essential principles of a well-run business are timeless and can thus be applied to modern businesses.

If you believe that there’s nothing useful to be learned about how to run your law business by looking at non-lawyer businesses then .

But if you understand that Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or can help you gain some helpful insights then you’ll appreciate .

And if you are willing to study non-famous-but-successful people like or Michael Hyatt you’ll generate powerful insights much faster.

As they say “success leaves clues.”

The key is to find the success clues that suit you best given where you are now.

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