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Not for everyone

By July 27, 2021April 15th, 2024basic assistance, Law Practice Management

I’ve helped many lawyers use technology (and other elements) to create better practices. But I can’t help everyone.

For example, lawyers with unrealistic expectations.

By which I mean that…

  • I don’t help lawyers uplevel their practices. (I can’t even imagine what that means)
  • I don’t help law firm owners “scale their businesses to 7 figures”
  • I don’t help law firm owners get more leads.
  • I don’t help lawyers “hire non-lawyer ‘dragons’ to increase sales.” (that’s literally the advice one well-known law-biz coach gives to his tribe)
  • I also don’t give lawyers a “playbook” or  “framework” for running their practices (you’re going to have to use thinking skills to figure out a lot of common problems; I can’t anticipate, document, and templatize all that for you.)

Real-World Advice Seeking

Someone asked the following question in a lawyer Facebook group…

“Can anyone recommend a coach or mastermind group for operations side of law firm? Systems, managing, etc?”

Jodi Mile responded

“I’ve been coaching lawyers on all aspects of practice management since 2006. I’d be happy to chat to see if we are a good fit.”

Then she offered her calendly link. (I copied there you so that you can easily book a call with her if you want).

Rachel Brenke chimed in

“My 2022 mastermind opens soon – we work on law firm things (strategy; marketing ) AND those wanting to expand other offerings like speaking engagements, podcasts, digital products”

Maybe she’d be a good fit for you.

Tiffany Poole’s post

“Me! Since building the largest filing bk firm in the US I now run AMP where I do 1-1 coaching, integrate CRMs and systems to give you back valuable hours, marketing, social media management, even appointment setters so that your licensed staff can maximize their time. Let me know what you’re looking for!”

Then she urged the advice seeker to check out her website. So that’s another option to consider.

Someone else said

“Kristen David — at Upleveling Your Business is the systems and operations Queen.”

You’ll probably have to google that to find her.

Several people responded

“The Maxlaw Guild”

(Note: the question was asked in the MaxLaw FB group, so take that into consideration)


Those are some options to consider if you want help from someone other than me.

And when you’re doing your due diligence in finding the best person to work with, please consider…

An important truth

There’s not anyone who can help

  • Lawyers who aren’t serious about making changes and aren’t willing to deal with the discomfort of making significant changes
  • Lawyers who can’t understand how their business is now heavily dependent on digital technology.
  • Lawyers who are unrealistic or naive about what it takes to create a profitable, sustainable law business (hint: it takes time, commitment, and a willingness to learn things that undoubtedly will take you outside your comfort zone)

The Digital Age Is Here

Success in the Digital Age hinges on learning to “work smarter.”

And this means more than just embracing technology.

So what does working smarter really mean?

Well, it begins by realizing that there are incredible new opportunities for making your practice run smoother, and become more enjoyable…if you know what to focus on first and foremost.

My mission is to help you identify and harness those opportunities.


You will have to actually do some thinking to achieve the successful outcome you want.

And you’re probably going to have to fumble around a bit also.

Fumbling around is part of creativity, and you’ll also have to be creative to create your ideal law practice.

And, if you want help with the thinking and creativity parts, I can help.

For example, I can point out what you need to think about first and foremost.

And I can help keep you from fumbling around more than necessary. And for people who’re realistic, and committed to making big changes, that should be enough.

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