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Not for everyone

By July 27, 2021September 23rd, 2021Approach, assistance

I’ve helped many lawyers create happier practices by learning to work smarter. But I’ve discovered that not everyone can learn to work smarter. For example…

Working Smarter is NOT for:

  • People who crave simplistic advice (i.e. the kind that works in theory but not in practice).
  • People who chase shiny tech objects instead of using technology strategically.
  • People who waste time in Facebook Groups arguing about which practice management software is the best.
  • People who can’t grasp that the practice of law is now intricately bound up with digital technology.

The Digital Age Is Here

Writer William Gibson offered this keen observation about our Digital Age.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

He was talking about radical new opportunities driven by digital technology.

Some lawyers can’t see those new opportunities (i.e. they’re trapped in the past). Others are open to new ways of practicing law that allow them to achieve massive prosperity and freedom.

The key to doing this is to…

Learn to Work Smarter

If you want to do this there are two good options. First, you can enroll in my Working Smarter Course (the best option).

Or, you can take a smaller step and download my Free PDF Guide.

P.S. If you appreciate my approach and observations, you might want to check out my free PDF download.

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