Sensible Business Management versus Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Artificial intelligence and robot lawyer discussions might be intriguing, but, in reality, they offer little help for those seeking to enhance their practice. Striving to innovate for the sake of innovation can, at worst, be hazardous and, at best, a time-waster. Instead, the focus should be on the nuts and bolts of improving your sensible business management.

The Importance of Systems in Sensible Business Management

Using systems is critical for sensible business management. After you’ve designed successful systems and documented them, you can then concentrate on automation and outsourcing. Your practice should be managed in a methodical, sensible way, not distracted by the lights of artificial intelligence.

Marketing and Personal Service as the Pillars of Sensible Business Management

Sensible business management involves focusing on your strength – providing personal service to people who like you and trust you. There is no need to compete with commoditized legal services like Legal Zoom or Avvo. Be the sincere, caring lawyer that your clients want, and use technology to send the right message to the clients you want.

Finding Good Clients with Sensible Business Management

Through sensible business management, learn how to find high-quality clients who are discerning, thoughtful, and willing to pay a premium for your valuable services. If you wish to learn how to enhance your law practice in a strategic, sensible manner, check out our online course – LawFirm Autopilot.

Sensible business management is the true innovation your practice needs above the buzz of artificial intelligence. Adopt the methodical approach and see the difference it makes.

AND…if you want to learn how to improve your law practice in a systematic sensible way, check out my online course: LawFirm Autopilot.

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Show notes
  • Don’t worry about “innovation” in law
  • Learn to create systems for running your practice
  • Learn to find good clients who appreciate your valuable knowledge and hard work
  • Understand that good clients who value your services will gladly pay a premium for your valuable services.
  • Listen to NextLaw Podcast episode, interview with Mark Britton of Avvo
  • To learn how to improve your law practice, check out my online course: LawFirm Autopilot.