Achieving Success Deliberately: Embracing the Slow and Steady

Achieving success deliberately begins with resisting the urge to rush progression in your law practice. The pull towards agility is undeniable, yet it demands control. Especially when it comes to technology initiatives. The manifold intricacies and the pace of digital tools’ evolution require an even more deliberate approach.

Achieving Success Deliberately: The Power of Constant Improvement

In “Achieving Success Deliberately”, the golden rule is to strive for constant, incremental improvement rather than drastic, immediate changes. The latter, being unpredictable and chaotic, can bring about stress and disruption. The term “kaizen”, a Japanese concept meaning “continuous improvement”, epitomizes this ideal perfectly.

Achieving Success Deliberately: The Importance of Patience and Planning

The journey towards achieving success deliberately emphasizes the importance of patience and meticulous planning. When viewing new opportunities, it’s crucial to exercise patience and operate from a thoroughly devised plan. The bigger the team involved in the new initiative, the higher the level of patience and thoughtfulness that’s required.

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Show notes
  • Improving your practice requires patience
  • You must suppress impatience and proceed deliberately
  • Strive for constant, steady, incremental improvement (i.e. “kaizen”)
  • If you work patiently from a well-thought-out plan you will reduce frustration and virtually guarantee success.