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Everything is figureoutable

If you want to make big improvements in any area of life (personal, social, business) it helps to have the right mindset.

Begin by assuming that everything is figureoutable (as author Marie Forleo explains in this book).

This attitude is the foundation of a “working smarter” mindset.

And it’s the basis for modern age systems thinking. In other words, to succeed, you have to think systematically.

First, assume that there is a rational underpinning to what you want to achieve (i.e. a system or process).

Second, assume you can figure out how to leverage that system or process (by figuring it out on your own, or by piggybacking on the valuable knowledge of others).

Finally, assume that you can help other people figure out what you’ve learned (note: I didn’t say “teach”).

You need to find or create systems for achieving what you want. And there are many kinds of systems to deal with.

Simple procedures that can be easily discovered, learned, and “taught,” and more challenging ones.

Principle #1: K.I.S.S.

When you’re figuring things out it’s best to keep things simple.

Focus on the simplest elements, and learn to see simplicity or create it if you have to.

If you get mired in complexity it will slow you down and sometimes defeat you entirely.

Don’t let complexity overcome you (especially unnecessary complexity).

Be ruthless about simplicity in learning and communicating.

There are many books filled with good information that’s presented in an overwhelmingly dense manner.

On the other hand, there are very few books like this one.

Whether it’s books, people, or ideas that you encounter…

Keep things as simple as possible when you’re figuring things out.

And remember that everything can be figured out —including how to systematize your law practice.

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