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Scheduling Automation: a Quick Question

By January 13, 2022January 14th, 2022automation, Law Firm Operations

Scheduling automation is an incredibly important tool which, sadly, is not used as much as it should be by lawyers in solo or small firm practices.

(And when I refer to “scheduling automation” I’m talking about using tools like or ). Anyway…

Here’s my question…

Do you currently use a scheduling automation tool, and if so, I ask, because…

I’m working on a book to help lawyers better leverage technology to make their practices more efficient —and so would be most helpful.

So…if don’t mind, to let me know which scheduling tool you use, if any. (when you do that you’ll be able to immediately see the survey results showing what other fellow attorneys use most).

And here’s a short funny video about scheduling headaches. Enjoy!

Finally, if you’re interested, I cover automated scheduling in my course, in the section on essential technology options.

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