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Creating a profitable, smooth-running law practice is not something that happens overnight.

It’s a “long game,” as they say.

And every significant aspect of a well-run practice takes a long time to create and develop.

Trivia v. Traction

Most small business owners get bogged down with minutiae. Then, out of desperation or frustration, they try to make things happen faster than is realistic.

They chase shiny new tools or tactics, hoping for a quick boost or rapid turnaround. It never pans out.

People gravitate towards what promises fast results and ignore battle-tested strategies that usually work well (if you stick with them long enough).

Creating systems for your practice takes time.

Sure, at first it’s boring, awkward, and filled with uncertainty. And that makes many people wonder…

Will working on systems really make that big of a difference?

(Answer: yes it will make a huge difference —over time).

Lawyers in small firm practices also wonder…

Will focusing on one particular kind of client be much better?

(Answer: yes, it will be much better for your operations and your mental well-being —over time).

It takes time

If you want to build a solid, enjoyable law business then you need to focus continually on one or two things that matter most in the long run.

Of course, you need to figure out what those one or two things are.

But then you need to stay focused on them over a long stretch of time (i.e. many months or years).

What helps you stay on track? (besides knowing what to focus on?)

Realistically, it’s other like-minded people who also understand the same “long game” realities that you understand.

People who have learned to ignore shiny objects and short-run tactics.

Unfortunately, those lawyers are harder to find. But they’re out there.

And once you find them, and join up with them, you’ll gain a lot of confidence that will help you stay on track. Over time, you’ll gain clarity about why committing to the long game puts you on a better path..

What to focus on?

If you want to know what to focus on in your law practice over the next months and years, it’s systems building (as I wrote in ).

And if you want to get better clients cost-effectively (and without spending too much precious time), then you should focus on leveraging the trust that you’ve already established.

Sending regular emails to your best referral sources (i.e. people who trust you) is the easiest, least expensive, and least time-consuming option.

But learning to do those two things takes time. And it takes focus and commitment.

Get a Co-Pilot

The people in my Co-Pilot program are focused and committed to doing those things. In short, they play the long game and support other lawyers who want to do that too.

Hopefully, you’re not too busy or distracted to do things that improve your practice in the long run.

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