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The 3 critical factors for law firm growth

The first factor is one I mentioned recently…

Know your numbers.

You need solid data to run your business. And your law practice is a business.

To make good business decisions you absolutely must know your numbers.

The next two critical factors for growing a law firm are ones that everyone has heard of (and that I’ve written about several times).

But knowing what the other factors are isn’t the key thing that will help you.

The trick is to understand how the 3 critical factors are intertwined.

Frankly, I hadn’t thought about how important it was to see how the 3 factors dovetailed until yesterday.

That’s when I had a chance to listen to Melissa Shanahan.

Melissa runs Velocity Work, where she provides expert guidance for law firm owners who need strategic planning for growing their practices.

Recently, I recorded her session for the upcoming Virtual Bootcamp, which is entitled: The 3 Critical Factors to Unlocking Growth in Your Law Firm.

Of all the sessions in the Bootcamp, this is the most essential one for lawyers like you (assuming you want to discover how to grow your practice).

Melissa is someone I feel fortunate to have met, first because I appreciate how sincere she is about helping lawyers. But also because she is just flat out one of the most down-to-earth, genuinely nice people I’ve ever met.

More importantly for the lawyers I’m committed to trying to help, she is armed with profound knowledge and amazing coaching skills. So I was really excited when she agreed to do a presentation for the Bootcamp.

Her presentation will be available to those who register for the Virtual Bootcamp.

Hopefully, Melissa and the other speakers will be able to help you improve your practice in the Virtual Bootcamp.

And whether or not you register for the Bootcamp, you should at least check out Melissa’s excellent podcast.

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