How to build trust online

By September 6, 2018March 29th, 2019law, Marketing

Lawyers can build trust online if they follow a few key principles. Most lawyers have never thought about these key principles.

Once you realize what the principles are, you’ll think about them a lot. And you’ll do better at building trust online (and everywhere else, for that matter)

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The Bottom Line…

Too many lawyers struggle to get a “cash flow friendly” stream of high-quality clients. The problem is they don’t know the vital elements of effective marketing.

Most solo & small firm lawyers have vague assumptions about how marketing works. This ignorance creates insidious dangers.

For example, when lawyers become too desperate for clients they tend to trust those they shouldn’t trust. People such as greedy consultants, or well-intentioned-but-clueless amateurs (i.e. “marketing morons“).

If you’ve been given bad marketing advice, or if you feel less than 100% certain how to market your practice effectively do NOT spend any more money on websites, consultants or advertisements.

Instead, sign up for this course immediately (at least sign up for the FREE preview version).