The best kind of law firm marketing & how to do it better…

By March 1, 2019 Law, Marketing

You already know what the best kind of marketing is, but you might start to doubt your good instincts.


Because there are so many charlatans and fools who SEEM to be knowledgeable about marketing. So you start assuming that they know more than you do, and then…

You start to internalize their bad advice. THAT is what causes you to doubt yourself.

Here’s what you instinctively know about marketing that is VERY VALUABLE.

The people that are easiest to market your services to are those that already know you, like you, and trust you.

In the blunt language of sales professionals these folks are called “warm leads.” As in, if someone that already knows, likes, and trusts you calls asking about your services they’ve been “warmed up” already.

Warm leads are easier to convert into clients than cold leads.

Now let’s test your instinctive (and very sound) knowledge of marketing a bit more.

What kind of leads do you call the people that see a billboard ad for an attorney’s services?

Obviously, those are cold leads.

And what about folks who see a TV ad for a lawyer?

Also cold leads.

So what’s the best kind of marketing for lawyers? The kind that focuses on cold leads, or on warm leads?

(I apologize if the phrases “cold” or “warm” or “leads” is off-putting, but I want to use standard sales terminology and later I’ll make a point about it).

You obviously want to focus on the people who already know you, like you and trust you.

And what kind of marketing do we call this?

Referral Marketing

Some lawyers call it “word of mouth” marketing. And what they really mean when they say this is: “I don’t try to market my practice. I just rely on word of mouth.”

And hey, more power to them if they’re happy with that.

So let’s be clear…

If you’re happy with (1) the kind of clients you get and (2) how many you get and (3) how often the new ones arrive, then don’t worry about trying to improve your marketing system.

But if you want to get better clients, get more of them, and get them more steadily then you need to start using a referral marketing system.

In my next blog post I’ll share my simple-but-powerful 3-part referral marketing system.

It will go beyond the “fast action recommendation” I shared a few weeks ago. That was a tactic.

What I’m going to share in my next blog post is a SYSTEM.

The best systems for marketing were not developed by lawyers by the way.

They were developed by people familiar with words like “cold lead” and “warm lead.”

If you aren’t comfortable hearing those words it’s because you’ve heard them being used by cheesy, slimy sales people.

Not all sales professionals are slimy or cheesy. Just like not all lawyers are slick, and borderline ethical.

We all don’t act alike so you can’t put whole groups of people into one box. You have to be reasonable and realistic, right?

Look, I’m guessing that you’re more open-minded than most people.

And I’m guessing that you care more about how things work than what things are called or who uses the words to describe the things that work best.

Are you open-minded like that? Well, great…

Then watch for my next blog post because it’s going to be pure treasure.

Unless you’re already getting enough great clients arriving in a steady stream simply by “word of mouth.”

The Bottom Line…

Too many solo and small firm lawyers struggle needlessly. My mission is to help them create practices that are easier to manage, more profitable, and much more fulfilling.

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