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Who I can help and how?

By March 30, 2020October 13th, 2020basic assistance, Law Practice Management

Before you can make a good decision you need some basic facts.

Can I help you improve your practice?

Maybe, and maybe not. So…

Here are some useful facts to help you decide.

For most of my life I’ve been obsessed with trying to figure out how things work.

At some point I realized that the most important things to figure out are how people think, act, and make decisions.

Like most of us, I started out with a lot of flawed assumptions about how people think, act and make decisions.

For example…

When I was young I assumed all adults were rational beings who made good decisions.

But, as I observed people closely (especially my parents during their divorce), I realized that adults are often irrational, and they often make bad decisions.

When I entered the practice of law I was older but still naïve. I assumed well-educated lawyers, whose minds were trained to think logically at a high-level, would be rational and make good decisions.

But the more I practiced, the more I realized that this was another bad assumption.

Judges were often irrational, and lawyers were often irrational. And they often made poor decisions.

What I finally realized was this…

Human nature (i.e. irrationality) is deeply embedded in all of us, and it’s hard to escape from.

Human nature is the root of all conflict, and most bad decisions. And yet, despite our deep-seated nature, we’ve had incredible scientific breakthroughs, and developed a lot of amazing technology.

Like computers, software, the internet, and smartphones for example.

Bottom line?

I believe it’s wise to embrace technology. That seems like a good decision to me.

If you can leverage technology you can improve your life in amazing ways. You can even improve your law practice too.

I know because I used technology to dramatically improve my practice. And while it was sometimes tricky to figure out exactly how to use technology in my law practice, I didn’t mind.

Like I said, I like figuring things out.

But, as much as I like figuring things out for myself, I discovered that I enjoy helping others figure things out even more.

And that led me to eventually figuring out the most important thing in life. Which is…

It’s incredibly difficult for people to overcome deep-seated assumptions.

For example, not everyone sees the wisdom in trying to leverage the power of technology.

Not even well-educated lawyers who are trained to think critically about high-level problems. So, even though I like helping other people, I finally had to accept that many lawyers just don’t grasp the vast potential of technology.

So I don’t bother trying to help them.

Instead, I focus on the few who grasp that technology can be incredibly useful. If you use it effectively.

So, if had to say exactly what it is that I do now, it’s this…

I help good lawyers make better decisions about how they use technology…

That’s my obsession now.

So what else do you need to know?

Here’s some more important facts to consider.

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of lawyers with all kinds of practices, all over the world. Which has been tremendously satisfying for me, and beneficial (in many different ways) for them.

Most of those lawyers say my best advice is contained in the weekly emails that I send out privately. You can sign up to get those emails here.

But my “innermost sanctum,” where I help in the most personalized way, is located here.


If my approach makes sense and feels right then maybe you’re the kind of lawyer I can help.

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