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How lawyers can use technology better

Lawyers can use technology better, and they should. Because technology is now essential for all attorneys.

It doesn’t matter what kind of practice you have or even what country you practice in. We all rely on computers and smartphones now.

That means we must deal with many tech-related problems (and opportunities).

But, while it’s important to learn how to harness its power, we also need to realize…

🚫 Technology is not a magic wand

Yes, it’s advantageous when we use it effectively. But too many lawyers use it in ways that could be more effective.

So how do you know if you’re using it ineffectively?

If you constantly feel overwhelmed, just in a different way than you used to before computers connected to the Internet became dominant…that’s one sign.

Or if you feel like you can’t step away from your practice for a week or two. As in, if the mere thought of taking an extended vacation creates a feeling of anxiety. That’s another sign.

There are many signs that lawyers are not using technology in advantageous ways. So what’s the solution to this endemic situation? It’s simple but not necessarily obvious.

The key to using technology better is…

Thinking Sensibly

Let’s be realistic. Modern technology is complex, pervasive, and constantly changing. Also, it changes faster than we can keep up with.

So we must focus on the few things that matter most and ignore the low-level options (i.e., the shiny objects and trivial apps).

There are a few tech options that will enable us to transform our practices, but leveraging these options takes time, patience, and persistence.

Think about this, and then look for opportunities to…

Focus on High-Value Options

Most lawyers too much time on low-level drudgery. They don’t spend enough time doing high-level “knowledge work.” This is the main reason we feel overwhelmed and disillusioned.

The work that matters most is what we tend to find most interesting. That’s the work our clients assume they’re paying us to do.

Clients want to avoid paying us for low-level work (especially work computers can do faster, better, and cheaper).

Clients want us to use our knowledge and skills to offer sensible advice that helps solve their thorny problems as painlessly as possible.

This graphic makes this idea easy to see and understand.

Don’t Fear A.I.

All the hoopla about artificial intelligence is silly once you understand that you should focus on leveraging your knowledge and insight (i.e., wisdom).

Computers can’t compete with lawyers who do this.

Use Technology Sensibly & Strategically

Technology can help you to better process and manage your data and information. So use it for that.

And use the Internet to help you find affordable VAs to whom you can delegate those tasks. This is probably the most valuable action you can take. This means you should…

Start doing this immediately!

And if you want guidance on which tech options are most valuable, check this out.

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