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Helping solo lawyers transform their law practices

Law practice management for solo and small firm lawyers is an uphill battle.

It’s hard enough to deliver high-quality legal services in an increasingly competitive environment. Add to that the job of law practice management, including dealing with technology and doing effective marketing to keep getting new clients…

Well, it’s a lot to deal with.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With better investments in time, you can see your law practice transform into success.

High ROI Law Practice Management

There are two important keys to achieving massive ROI: leveraging automation and outsourcing. Teaching lawyers how to do this has been my mission for over a decade.

Go Solo recently wrote a short article about my journey to becoming a full-time teacher and consultant for solo and small firm attorneys.

My main message is, and has been, that solo and small firm attorneys can reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Automation for attorneys

Every solo and small firm attorney needs to work on automating tedious administrative tasks like document preparation, filing paperwork, organizing financial records, and marketing.

Doing so helps free up time so attorneys can focus on growing their businesses instead of spending hours on mundane tasks.


There are so many opportunities now to find and hire top-notch professionals around the globe who have useful skills—like web design, project management, or bookkeeping and accounting. Solo and small firm attorneys can hire such people at competitive rates without compromising quality.

Law Firm Management Principle #1

Solo and small firm attorneys must create systems for their law practices, which means documenting procedures. When you have a pre-fabricated checklist that explains how you want work to be done, you can more easily outsource it or delegate it.

Systems are vital, and the atomic elements of any system are written procedures.

The 80/20 Principle

The most important guiding principle is something called the 80/20 principle. There are general books about this principle, but none specifically focused on solo lawyers or ones in small law firms.

I’ve written before about this little-known success principle. But I recently decided to focus even more on helping lawyers leverage this important principle

The 80/20 Newsletter

My recently developed newsletter is called The 80/20 Principle, and it focuses completely on solo and small firm lawyers who want to generate massive ROI in their law practices.

The key to massive success is staying focused on the things that have the highest payoff with the least amount of effort or investment of time or money.

Having the right strategies is also how you ensure you can properly leverage the power of automation and outsourcing.

And that’s why learning more about little-known success principle is so important.

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