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“Tiger insights” will improve your practice

What if you had access to five different lawyers who built highly successful practices. Lawyers who broke through the barrier of frustration…

What if those five lawyers’ had common elements that catapulted them into massive success?

Lawyers with a cross-section of different practice areas, such as:

  • Family law
  • Divorce
  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury
  • Consumer law & bankruptcy

If you found these lawyers you’d want to sit them down and interview them. You’d want to access all of the practical wisdom you could, right?

You’d want to compare their various approaches to get a clear grasp of the common elements of their success.

But it would NOT be realistic to expect to be able to do this, right?

First, you’d have to find five successful lawyers who were willing to spend time explaining their thought processes.

Then you’d have to visit them wherever they were to interview them.

And you’d have to transcribe the interviews and then distill their insights down to some kind of text document that you could pore over and refer back to from time to time.

Yeah, it seems unlikely that you’d be able to do that. But…no worries, because I have some good news.

You don’t have to.

Instead, you can order a book from Amazon that contains all that insight I just talked about.

The book is called Tiger Tactics: Powerful Strategies from Winning Law Firms. And it’s just sitting there waiting to lead you to making massive improvements in your practice. Now…

There is one small bit of “bad news.” Namely, that this not a conventional book.

Important Advice

You must approach the book in the right way or…you’ll miss the huge opportunities it offers.


Approach the book as a conversation you’re having with those five lawyers —a
conversation you can go back to whenever you want to (because the conversation was transcribed into a book).

In other words, this is not a book you read through once. It’s a reference resource. And best of all? The authors are exceptionally candid about mistakes they made in building their practices. So if you have some nagging feeling that maybe you lack some talent or skill that is needed to succeed… Well, that doubt will be completely erased when you see that all five authors all had similar doubts and challenges.

Bottom Line: if you’re a solo or small firm lawyer looking for insight into how to create a much better practice, then:

  1. Order the book
  2. Then skim read it (jump around to different sections if you want)
  3. Make notes in the margins, underline key passages, attach sticky notes, and then…
  4. Keep coming back to it every few weeks, skimming and re-reading.

Curiosity is Key

As I often say, the only thing you need to improve your practice is curiosity about what’s possible—especially about what’s possible with the sensible use of technology.

The Tiger Tactics book gives you a lot of concrete examples of how five successful lawyers used their curiosity to move in powerful new directions. With the result that they massively improved their law practices.

You can have a much improved practice just like theirs.

Assuming you’re curious about how to improve.

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