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Creativity is what lawyers need to tap into if they want to improve their practices.

Creativity isn’t what you probably think, though.

One of the best known lawyers observed:

“Most people think of creativity as being entirely about the arts —music, painting, theatre, movies, dancing, sculpture etc.

But this simply isn’t so. Creativity can be seen in every area of life…

Wherever you can find a way of doing things that is better than what has been done before, you’re being creative.

Hence, when you are working on improving your practice (by finding better ways of doing things), you’re being creative.

Now, one important thing to keep in mind…

When you’re working creatively you need the right frame of mind.

Perfectionism is not the optimal state of mind.

Creativity is about trying things out, seeing what works, and not being self-critical when something doesn’t work perfectly.

That’s what the famous lawyer talks about in his book, which is called Creativity.

Oh, the lawyer’s name is John Cleese. And as you might know, he’s more famous for his work with Monty Python than he is for being a lawyer.

Anyway, here’s the thing…

If you read Cleese’s book, you’ll learn some useful things about creativity that can help you improve your law practice.

Some lawyers reflexively assume that they’re not creative.

But they are. And if they explore their creativity more they’d probably be delightfully surprised.

Maybe you’d like to be delightfully surprised also.

If so, grab John Cleese’s book and read it (it’s short so it’ll take about 20 minutes at most).

Then use the insights to start improving your practice.

That’ll take longer.

But will be totally worth it.

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