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SWOT for lawyers

By April 13, 2021Approach, Operations

Leveraging strengths and conquering weaknesses is vital to your success.

When you harness strengths you can make big improvements in your practice that make your life a lot easier.

The key to doing this is with a well-known 4-step analysis called which many business managers find to be indispensable.

SWOT analysis reveals strengths and weaknesses are frequently internal, while opportunities and threats are more commonly external.

The name is an acronym for the four parameters the technique examines:

  • Strengths: things that give your business an advantage.
  • Weaknesses: things that put your business at a disadvantage.
  • Opportunities: things that your business can exploit to its advantage.
  • Threats: things that could cause trouble for your business.

If you want to do a S.W.O.T analysis for your law firm, .

After you do, I’ll point out some opportunities for improving your practice that you may not be aware of.

Small law firms have some pretty nifty advantages that are worth knowing about.

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.
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