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Speaking in New Orleans tomorrow on Paperless lawyering

By October 15, 2010Uncategorized

Screen shot 2010-10-05 at 1.59.53 PM  Tomorrow I'll be teaching a skills class at Loyola Law School on how to build a paperless law practice. This will be a 2 hour talk, pretty much along the lines of what I presented to the North Carolina Bar Association last Friday, except that this session is limited to law students.

Most of what I will cover is in these two free online videos. And most of the written materials are drawn from these free downloadable PDFs

One Comment

  • Bill Wilson says:

    Thanks for continuing to make these materials available. I am slowly working my way to a paper-less practice, and it’s helpful to be reminded to read/consult these materials from time to time.

    Out of curiosity, which iPad PDF app are you using in your practice? I’ve gone back and forth between iAnnotate and GoodReader, but with GR hitting 3.0 it seems to be a nicer interface.

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