Tech in Law Practice: A Deep Dive with Brandon Siegal

Tech in Law Practice, is a term thrown around often, but what does it truly mean to integrate technology into your law practice? We explore this during an insightful podcast episode with solo attorney Brandon Siegal, a seasoned Canadian tax specialist.

Embracing Tech, Struggling with Delegation

Siegal, despite being comfortable with technology, admits to struggling with delegation. To enhance efficiency in his work, he uses different tech tools like Clio, RingCentral, Microsoft Bookings, and Email efficiency tools, among others. However, “Tech in Law Practice” is not about using every tool available; it’s about employing the right ones.

Tech Tools in Law Practice

Which tools should become part of your “Tech in Law Practice” toolkit? According to Siegal, automation and collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, Evernote, and Microsoft One Note are essential. Also, ChatGPT and Zapier have become indispensable for him. However, it’s crucial to note that not every tool meets its user’s expectations, and Siegal doesn’t shy away from expressing his reservations about some.

Journey towards Efficiency using Tech in your Practice

Incorporating “Tech in Law Practice” is a journey towards greater efficiency and productivity. This doesn’t mean that the journey is always smooth. There can be hiccups, like not falling in love with every piece of tech you use. And that’s okay, as long as you’re continually learning, evolving, and improving your practice.

Technology for Lawyers

“Tech in Law Practice” isn’t just about adopting tech tools; it’s about knowing when and how to use them effectively. Like Siegal, you might struggle with some aspects, but the key is to keep exploring and experimenting. Listen to the full podcast episode to get deeper insights and learn from Siegal’s experiences.

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