Automating Documents & Productizing Legal Services: A Game Changer

“Automating & Productizing Legal Services” is a revolutionary concept that’s reshaping the legal landscape. The recent podcast episode featuring attorney Dorna Moini unpacks this transformative approach, her innovative tool ‘Gavel’, and how it enables full intake and workflow automation.

In a world where efficiency is king, the importance of automating repetitive tasks cannot be overstated. According to Moini, it begins with recording and analyzing repeatable tasks. She emphasized that innovative document automation has revolutionized traditional legal services, making them more streamlined and efficient.

Productizing Legal Services: Enhancing Customer Experiences

“Automating Documents & Productizing Legal Services” isn’t just about internal efficiency, it also enhances customer experiences. Moini describes how productizing legal services allows clients to have predictable, high-quality legal services at their fingertips. This not only gives clients more control and transparency, but also allows lawyers to work more effectively.

Role of AI and Quick Adaptation in Automation

AI plays a significant role in workflow development. Moini’s tool ‘Gavel’ is proof of this advancement. “Automating Documents & Productizing Legal Services” not only includes automating processes but also means adapting to these changes swiftly. Moini states that quick adaptation is key to effectively integrating these automation projects into your legal services.


“Automating Documents & Productizing Legal Services” is revolutionizing how legal services are delivered. Automation and productization are not distant future concepts, they are here and now, and offer lawyering a new way to work smarter, not harder.

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