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Law Firm Systems Workshop

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As you know, lawyer work has dramatically changed because of computers connected to the internet.

For example, “documents” are now just intangible bits of digital data.

And working with digital data is much different than working with papers filed in cabinets.

Old vs. New

We need to work more efficiently in our virtual workspaces.

And we need systems optimized for this new way of working.

Build Better Systems

Ideally, new systems would enable you to get your work done faster and more easily.

And they’d enable you to communicate better and more easily with everyone, no matter where anyone is physically located.

And new systems would enable you to fully harness the power of automation and outsourcing.

Systems = freedom

With proper systems in place, you won’t feel disorganized or overwhelmed.

And you won’t waste time telling people how to do the work that needs to get done.

You’ll become more confident that all tasks are getting done and done well, even when you can’t supervise the work.

Just like this attorney who went through the Systems Workshop.

"When I got sick recently, my team was able to follow our systems to bring in four new matters, and get court filings done, all in my absence. I really appreciate all that I learned in this workshop."

Jeff Lewis

If you want a smoother running practice, you need to create better systems, just like Jeff did.

How to create systems

The key is documenting standard operating procedures that describe how you want work to be done.

This takes time and thoughtfulness, but it’s vital to creating a practice that runs smoothly with minimal involvement by you.

Learning how to create these SOPs for your practice is a game changer, as these attorneys discovered firsthand.

"Thanks to this workshop, most of my payment, docs and communication are now systematically automated.”

Wes Bailey

"The Workshop could not have come at a better time! Documenting procedures is soooooo important for me."

Lynn Coleman

The reason the workshop is so effective is we don’t waste time with conceptual lessons. Instead, you…

Learn by doing

Ernie Svenson will show you exactly how to create effective procedures step-by-step.

And he’ll even give you templates to work with so you can get started faster and use well-developed procedures in your practice immediately.

Some of the templates include:

  • A model engagement agreement (to define exactly what you will do and how you expect clients to act during the representation)
  • A model procedure for evaluating prospective clients
  • A model policy for accepting prospective clients (so you wind up with clients that you’ll hate working with)
  • A model procedure for getting rid of bad clients (because some will always slip through the cracks)
  • A model procedure for onboarding new clients (to ensure your relationship gets the best possible start)

Over the course of the workshop, you’ll receive over 70 template procedures, policies, and processes. And they’ll be pushed directly into your software.

Start right away

The learning starts as soon as you register. Here’s how it begins.

  1. You’ll watch a 30-minute video and learn how to get the most out of the program right away.
  2. You’ll sign up for a free 28-day trial of software that enables you to document, organize, and assign the procedures you’ll create
  3. You’ll be invited to a one-on-one zoom session with Ernie Svenson to review the template procedures that will be pushed into the software you’ll be learning to use.

You’ll then have ongoing access to Ernie from that point forward to work on procedures that are most relevant to your practice.

In other words, you’ll learn in the best and most convenient way possible.

Learn With Others

You’ll learn how to develop procedures along with others who are doing the same thing, which students often find to be surprisingly valuable.

"The Workshop provided a way to look closely at my law firm's systems. And seeing how other people do their processes was very valuable as well."

Dwight Yellin

"...I most appreciated seeing how other people created their procedures."

Lynnelle Loke Moore

Seeing how others are developing their procedures helps everyone learn better and more confidently.

Beginning next May

In mid-May, we’ll start the next round of intensive group sessions, with four 90-minute zoom sessions, which typically start on Fridays at Noon, CST.

By the time these sessions start, you’ll be fully prepared because of your one-on-one work with Ernie.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the lessons and resources in this program. Even lessons and resources that get added in the future.

Plus, you can retake any of the future Group Zoom Sessions.

And your team members can go through the sessions if you’d like.

A Common Question

How will documenting procedures help if you’re the only one doing them? Here’s what one solo attorney says.

"Having documented procedures helps even though I'm the only one doing them. I used to sometimes forget where I was or what I'd done. Now, I can just follow the written steps and put my brain on autopilot, instead of trying to think, what do have to do next?"

Bin Xia Zhang

Of course, the likely outcome of documenting procedures is that it’ll be easier for you to start delegating work to others, including virtual assistants.

Outsourcing is exponentially easier when you’ve already documented the procedures for doing the work.

And it’s easier to hire less experienced people with well-documented procedures, which means you’ll be paying less to hire those people.

Summary of Benefits

The main value of the workshop will be the long-term impact it will have on your practice, which these lawyers attest to.

"Since the Systems Workshop, I create new procedures every day. Learning how to do this has completely changed my practice." —Jeff Green

Jeff Green

"It helped me to go paperless and I now feel completely liberated."

Darlene Daniele

But for many attorneys, and important aspect is that it creates immediate momentum to start making important changes.

"The workshop helped me overcome procrastination..."

Lynnelle Loke Moore

There’s an old saying about the best time to plant a tree, which applies to creating systems for your practice. The saying is:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The second best time to start creating systems and documenting procedures for your practice is now.

This workshop will help you start quickly and progress steadily so you can transform your practice like other attorneys who’ve taken the workshop.

Extra Bonuses

With the Systems Workshop, you’ll also receive lifetime access to these valuable bonus resources.

  • Working Smarter course ($397 value when bought alone)
  • Virtual Bootcamp recordings ($395 value when bought alone)
  • The Co-Pilot group coaching program for 4 months (a $636 value).

These resources will build on what you learn in the workshop to take your practice to an even higher level.

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