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Plug-in systems for your law practice

By February 11, 2020October 13th, 2020Law Firm Operations, Law Practice Management, systems

Systems are the best way to simplify and streamline your practice.

This hit home back in 2001, when I was handling commercial litigation cases in a big New Orleans law firm.

Every case had hundreds or thousands of documents and required several associates, secretaries and paralegals to manage.

Logistically, the cases were a nightmare. The pleadings folders were a compendium of every possible kind of

  • complaint and answer
  • amended complaint and amended answer
  • motion and counter-motion
  • claim, counter-claim, and third party claim
  • discovery requests, motions in limine, TRO requests and you name it.

When you’re dealing with that many bullets whizzing by, you live in constant fear of missing some key fact, document or legal theory.

It’d have been nice if someone had created a solid system for organizing all this information, but apparently no one had.

Then one day someone finally did. And, to me it was a Holy Grail.

It was called Casemap and it was marketed as software, but in reality it was a full-fledged system that you could download straight into your computer.

For free. Well, at least for the first 30 days.

So I downloaded it and tried it out.

Immediately, I was blown away.

The software made it instantly easier to organize every pleading, legal issue, fact, document, witness and question that might come up in any kind of case.

Once you loaded all those pieces of information into the software, your cases became so meticulously organized that managing them was as easy as paint-by-numbers painting.

So, if Casemap is a plug-in system for managing a litigation matter, then you might be asking yourself…

What other systems are out there that lawyers like you can download and use to transform your practice?

Well, that’s something we frequently discuss in my Co-Pilot Mastermind program.

Look, here’s the important takeaway…

Systems truly are the key to getting more work done, with less effort.


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