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My podcast interview with Enrico Shaefer about my new venture

By January 21, 2012April 24th, 2024CLE for Lawyers, law practice, Louisiana Lawyers

I got a call from my friend Enrico Shaefer right after I announced that I was shifting out of the practice of law to do more CLE programs for lawyers who were interested in technology. He practices law and tries to innovate wherever possible to do a better job for clients at a lower cost, so he and I have kept in touch (mostly through social media). He has a weekly podcast where he interviews folks about innovation in the law etc., and so he interviewed me. The interview lasted about 20 minutes as I recall. You can either listen to the podcast, or read the transcript.

Helping Lawyers Use Technology: The New Norm

In the digital revolution, every field, including law, needs to adapt. To remain competitive, lawyers must stay informed on the latest tech trends. Digital Workflow CLE steps up to this challenge, illustrating how helping lawyers use technology can amplify their practice’s efficiency and success.

Tech-Savvy: A Necessity in the Legal World

The rapid pace of technological evolution requires lawyers to acquire tech skills. Digital Workflow CLE identified this need early on, offering Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses to help lawyers master these essentials.

Digital Workflow CLE: A Path to Success

The courses have sparked lawyers’ enthusiasm to revamp their business models, incorporating technology into their norm. They offer useful insights on topics like digital case management, Acrobat and PDF tips, email productivity, and social networking for legal professionals.

Less is More: Learning in Bite-Sized Chunks

Digital Workflow CLE understands the potential tech-overload. Instead, they offer digestible nuggets of knowledge routinely, allowing lawyers to learn at a comfortable pace and gradually apply this expertise.

The Journey Towards Tech Fluency

Lawyers don’t have to become overnight experts. What’s vital, however, is maintaining the learning pace to stay in the game. By focusing on one tech aspect at a time, lawyers can slowly increase their tech fluency and by extension, their professional prowess. Digital Workflow CLE stresses that mastering technology is a continuous process.

Broadening Outreach and Engagement

Digital Workflow CLE aims to widen its impact by offering webinars and online videos. They also acknowledge the power of social media in fostering engagement with their audience. By maximizing these platforms, they strive to provide lawyers with valuable information regularly.

Embracing Technology: The Future of Law Practice

In summary, Digital Workflow CLE commits to helping lawyers use technology to elevate their practice. Their approach of offering practical, digestible, and continuous learning equips lawyers to stay tech-savvy, ensuring competitiveness and success in the evolving digital era.

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