Ernie helped me organize, mobilize, and optimize my personal injury law practice…Following his advice, I’ve made more money than ever while lowering my stress levels and overhead.

Parker Layrisson

I had the chance to hear Ernie at a Florida Bar conference, all I can say is wow. I thought I was pretty tech savvy before hearing Ernie speak. After about 5 minutes I stopped doodling and started listening. My first day back at work had me implementing his tips, purchasing his book and signing up for his newsletter.

Don Morrell

Ernie is a passionate advocate for helping attorneys build efficient and effective law practices that benefit clients. He has really been a lifesaver for me as I have grown my practice. My clients benefit from all of his goodwill.

Charles Irvin

What I found most appealing about Ernie’s presentation though was his genuine and sincere desire to help fellow lawyers leverage technology to achieve their goals.” —Sierra Anne Pino
“It is rare to find someone who is truly an expert at something, and is also great at presenting their expertise. Ernie is both.

Kelly G. Richardson

I both give and hear a lot of speaches. Ernie, who I first discovered as a fellow blogger back in the long ago days when blogging was a rarity for lawyers, is first class. I recently heard his speech on Adobe Acrobat, one of his areas of expertise, and not only thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, but learned a lot, even though I thought I was a pretty experienced user. Highly recommended!

Michael Fox

Although I have been practicing law for a long, long time and consider myself somewhat hi-tech, your "Law Firm Autopilot" course is really inspiring me. Of course I know a lot of this, but having it presented in an orderly fashion coupled with insights and information I did not previously have is invigorating my practice. Thanks for all you do for us who labor in the trenches.

Bill Allison

My biggest sensei in starting my solo law practice was Ernie Svenson. Not only did he give me good advice about the business end, he was also my spiritual guide…Ernie is an amazing guy.

David Sparks

An incredible value and experience! Ernie gave me so much information that I was looking for in planning my solo firm, and saved me so much time, instead of trying to find answers on my own.

Carlee Gonzales

Wonderful in helping me figure out what I need to do, especially concrete recommendations...use this, don't use that. I highly recommend Ernie to anyone that's looking to start their own practice.

Addie Prewitt

It is clear that you love helping people

Catherine Fairchild

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