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Sorry, I’m Not Interested

By August 28, 2018October 28th, 2020legal technology

I recently got an email from a guy who wanted me to help him promote his lawyer-related software.

His ploy was to send me an email congratulating me on my new podcast

Then he casually mentioned that his software had been featured in an article by a well-known legal-tech journalist.

He provided a link to his website, and wrote:

“I thought it might fit into what you’re doing. If so, let me know…”

I replied.

“Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn’t align with my mission and goals. Good luck, and best wishes.”

He then wrote back pointing out two small problems with my website.

I thanked him for the heads up, and fixed the problems.

Let’s make things worse

Then the fellow came back with this doozy of a response.


I apologize for being a bit forward here, but I’m genuinely curious. Hopefully I’ve built in some goodwill by pointing out the two errors in your website, or at least enough so to ask a question. It’s hard to sell tech when there are tech errors, right? 🙂

My question is why does what I’m doing not fit into what you’re doing? I created software for lawyers, and

you provide technical advice on software to lawyers

. It seems like that is exactly in your wheelhouse, and aligned with your mission and goals — i.e., knowing what products exist and how they work so that you can advise your audience.

I do see that you’re doing business with


, so perhaps your reviews are only paid/sponsored reviews like hers? If so, do you have a rate sheet or media kit?



Apparently, this pushy fellow does not grasp my business model.

Perhaps, others are confused as well.

So let me make it perfectly clear:

My Mission is Helping Solo & Small Firm Lawyers

It’s most definitely NOT to help consultants or software vendors.

Also, I don’t “provide technical advice on software.” That said…

I feel bad for small business owners who need help promoting their product or service. But…

I am NOT the solution to your lack of sufficient business.

Your solution is to learn how to properly market their wares or services.

The fellow that emailed me has no idea of how to market his business. This is obvious.

What he and others like him need to understand is this…

I don’t recommend products or services I haven’t used

So if you’re selling some product or service to lawyers, please listen closely…

I haven’t used your product or service already, don’t bother asking for my help.

If I’ve used your product or service, but haven’t already been enthusiastically recommending it in public…

Don’t bother asking for my help.

My time is precious.

And our business goals are not aligned.

That said…

I wish you the best of luck.

And I have a really good recommendation as well.

Read Dan Kennedy’s book: No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing.

That will help you with your marketing.

In fact, if you want to get more business, read all of his books.

I enthusiastically recommend everything written by Dan Kennedy.


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