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Simple Wisdom

By May 23, 2019April 15th, 2024legal technology, wisdom

Computers don’t produce wisdom.

Only humans have that power.

We have intuition, and they have algorithms built on pure logic.

That’s why we don’t need to be afraid that winter is coming.

If a young boy can use his intuition and practical skills to earn a sale from a reluctant farmer…

Then you can use deep instinct to outpace the rapid tech disruption that’s nipping at your heels.

Simple wisdom is too often underrated.

Especially in our modern world.

But you have the power to notice wisdom and then leverage it to make your law firm more powerful.


Which is better for your firm?

Sensible growth or haphazard frenzy?

You know the answer. It’s obvious, right?

Some things are obvious but not appreciated.

Sadly, thats a common tendency…

Yesterday, I had a wonderful conversation with a business lawyer who practices in Ontario, Canada.

He mentioned seeing a lovely sign in a country store. It was a Shaker saying.

The Shakers, as you probably know, are famous for making simple, sturdy and elegant furniture.

There’s a lot of power in something simple and sturdy.

And there’s a lot of power in this simple saying…

Because you are human you understand exactly what this means.

A computer would have no clue.

So just use your intuition and wisdom, and don’t worry about artificial intelligence and techno-wizardry.

Your clients care more about wisdom and compassion than they do about rigid logic.

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