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A lot of lawyers find it “helpful just answering the questions on the survey.” Maybe you felt that way too.

At this point, I’ve had over a hundred and fifty responses to that survey from solo and small firm lawyers in all kinds of practices.

Just so you know, here are a few of the responses I’ve gotten from them about their common challenges:

  • “Lack of standard processes and automation (lots of manual work).”
  • “Establishing a consistent and steady stream of clients and income.”
  • Keeping on top of the work coming in, as well as the ongoing work.”
  • “Too few clients”
  • “Cash flow”
  • “Trying to manage too many things at once”
  • “Time. There is never enough time.”
  • “Feeling stretched too thin for time. Also, my overhead is higher than it was…”
  • “Too much work.”
  • “lack of systems, filing system not functioning well”
  • “Lack of administrative support. I can’t seem to complete the small tasks.”
  • “Lack of systems and automation”

That’s only a small sample of the 150+ responses, but do you see some common themes?

I certainly do. I’ve seen those common themes described over and over for the past ten years.

And I’ve spent a lot of time helping lawyers get to the root causes of these common problems. Which might seem like a big challenge, right?

But it’s not actually.

Because the same root causes are creating the exact same challenges for pretty much every kind of  small business—including small firms.

Although, I’d say that lawyers tend to have a deeper root cause that regular non-law businesses don’t have.

Technology, is not the “deeper root cause.” But it’s certainly becoming increasingly problematic for small businesses.

For example, technology is a core element of both operations and marketing, which are the dual pillars of any modern business.

If you want to improve your use of technology (e.g. automation, virtual assistance, remote work abilities), then you might be interested in my LawFirm Autopilot course.

And you might also benefit from my upcoming virtual conference, which is specifically designed to help you create systems, track financial progress, automate workflows, leverage online marketing, use more virtual assistance, and be more adept at working remotely.

Whatever path you take, I look forward to helping you improve your practice in any way that I can.

P.S. If you want to book a free call with me to chat about how best to address your challenges so that you can achieve your aspirations for your practice, click here to pick a day and time that’s most convenient for you.


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