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General Publishing Principles

We’re committed to sharing top-notch content for lawyers who uphold the loftiest of ethical standards. Every piece we publish is crafted with care, precision, and the end goal of assisting those lawyers in their noble pursuits.

Funding Information

Trust is our currency. We never accept money in exchange for the advice and recommendations we give. Our main goal? To guide you without any outside influence.

Corrections Policy

Mistakes happen. When they do, we’re quick to set things right. If you ever spot an error in our content or if there’s something that’s no longer current, know that we’re on it. We’re all about keeping things up-to-date and accurate for you.


Your voice matters to us. We deeply value feedback from our readers and peers. When you share your insights, thoughts, or even concerns, it helps us grow and refine our work. All we ask? Offer it in the spirit of constructive advice. Together, we can ensure that our content serves you even better.

Ethics Policy

Every recommendation we make comes from a place of deep knowledge. Either we’ve tried it ourselves, or we’ve done the deep dive, researching every nook and cranny. And here’s a promise: We don’t accept sponsors so that we don’t let money sway our judgment. Your trust means everything to us.

Diversity Policy

Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword for us. It’s a commitment. We aim to be as inclusive as we can be, every single time. Everyone deserves a seat at the table, and we strive to ensure all voices are heard.

Why Trust Our Publishing Principles?

In the vast world of digital content, we understand the importance of trust. That’s why our principles are designed not just for Google and SEO credibility but for the real people reading our content. When you read our content you can rest easy knowing it’s crafted with your best interests in mind.

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