The power of using systems to improve your law firm’s operations cannot be overstated. If you haven’t yet started intentionally systematizing your practice, then you should.

First, read the E-Myth book by Michael Gerber. Then read The Power of A System, by attorney John Fisher. These two books will give you the clearest sense of why systems are important to a small business, and what systems look like in a smooth-running law practice.

The power of systems include:

  • Being able to do work more easily
  • Being able to assign work to less skilled workers
  • Being able to do things (or have staff do things) that were not possible before.

In this episode, I discuss the reasons why systems are so powerful, and why you need to work to define and document systems in your practice.

Once you realize the power of systems in this direct way, you’ll easily grasp why you should be using systems more in your law practice to get work done better, faster, and more reliably.