Social media can be helpful in marketing your law practice, but only if you use it effectively. You must use it as part of an overall strategy, or you’ll waste time accomplishing very little.

Social media is helpful when you use it to complement your strategic referral marketing efforts. Mostly, it’s a way to remind potential referral sources that you are a good lawyer, and remind them what kind of law you practice.

In this episode, I talk about the perils of automating your social media posting and the proper ratio of promotional to non-promotional posts. And I talk about which social media services are best for your law practice.

Show notes
  • Social media can be helpful, but too many people use it without any strategy
  • Social media is dangerous. You can waste a lot of time, but even worse, you can ruin your reputation if you’re not careful
  • LinkedIn is a good platform for most lawyers because its geared towards business professionals
  • Facebook can be helpful for family law practitioners, but Twitter is usually a waste of time
  • Automating your social media posts is dangerous for many reasons.