Ever wondered how the 80-20 principle applies to a Hollywood actor’s life and career? I have an exclusive chat with the legendary Tom Hanks, shedding light on the topic and sharing his personal experiences! 

But there’s more than meets the ear – my friend and computer forensics expert Craig Ball joins  me to reveal the cutting-edge AI technology from ElevenLabs that made our “interview” with Tom Hanks possible. We dive into the potential dangers of AI-generated deep fakes, the importance of verifying sources, and the implications of rapid advancements in AI technology becoming more accessible to everyone. This captivating episode not only entertains but also opens your eyes to the future of technology’s impact on our lives.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • AI voice synthesis 
  • Potential dangers of deep fakes and the importance of verifying sources
  • The impact of AI and voice recognition on the legal industry, including the potential for creating deep fakes and the need for debunking tools to detect them.
  • The importance of corroborating sources in a world where technology can easily deceive, such as using the Shepherdizing method for lawyers.
  • The implications of rapid advancements in AI technology becoming more accessible to everyone and its impact on society.

Show Notes

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