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Lucrative Problem Solving

There’s more money to be made solving complex problems, especially common ones that lots of people find really annoying.

Lawyers solve complex problems all the time. But it’s not enough anymore just to know how to solve complex problems.

You need to optimize your problem-solving for the Digital Age.

Opportunity Knocks…

I’ve about how a non-lawyer named Ted Nicholas solved a simple, annoying legal problem and made millions of dollars.

Now I want to tell you about another non-lawyer who solved the annoying problem of having documents notarized.

Pat Kinsel started in 2015. That’s when he had the insight that getting documents notarized was way harder than it should be.

He was selling his startup company to Twitter back then. I don’t know what he sold that company for, but his new company, Notarize, .

You can and see how it works if you want.

Or . (I highly recommend you do this).

Hello Lawyers!

Non-lawyers aren’t the only ones hitting tech-enabled jackpots.

Earlier this month, a young lawyer in New Orleans named sold his company, LevelSet, . That company solved an annoying problem for people in the construction industry who needed liens filed.

I first met Scott when he was about three years out of law school. He told me about the thorny problem he working on.

Back then, I couldn’t imagine how anyone could solve the complex problem of automating lien filings. Much less a lawyer as young as Scott.

But he kept at it and used created by digital technology to automate and outsource to the hilt.

And now he’s reaped mind-boggling rewards.

Lesson For Lawyers

Many lawyers can’t see the new opportunities being created in the Digital Age (i.e. they’re trapped in the past)

But, others are open to new ways of practicing law that are much more enjoyable and lucrative.

If you’re open to thinking in new ways that will improve your practice, then I’d be happy to help you.

There are two options for getting started.

First, you can enroll in the Working Smarter Course (the option most lawyers prefer).

Or, you can take a smaller step and just download my free PDF guide (which is mentioned below this post).

Whatever choice you make now, I look forward to helping you as much as I can.

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