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Is This Why You’re Overwhelmed?

By February 19, 2019October 13th, 2020law practice, success mindset

Are you planning on going to the ABA Techshow in Chicago?

It’s supposedly the premier conference for attorneys who want to learn more about using technology.

I used to speak at the conference every year, and I met a lot of great folks in the process.

But last year I was struck by what an overwhelming experience it is for most solo and small firm lawyers.

My experience (after working with hundreds of such lawyers) is that folks like you just want to know the simplest, most effective things they can do to improve their practices.

That makes sense, right? Simple and effective.

But simple is not part of the equation at Techshow. And if you want the opposite of simple…

Go visit the vendor area of TechShow.

Stroll through the gargantuan space with eternally smiling salespeople who implore you to “at least put your business card into the fishbowl.”

The savvy ones might hand you a puppy to hold.

That way they can give you a hard pitch that you can’t easily walk away from.

Walk On

Do not chase their techno-gizmo shiny objects.

Be realistic.

Play the long game and work on growing your practice steadily and sensibly.

And don’t let anyone hand you a puppy.

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