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Cybersecurity for Remote Lawyers

By May 22, 2023August 29th, 2023Law Firm Operations, security

Cybersecurity for remote lawyers is vital. Because lawyers working remotely are now five times more vulnerable to cyberattack than those working in traditional offices.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Network Security:

It’s easier to implement robust cybersecurity for one single location than for multiple locations.

And it’s much harder when the multiple locations are people’s homes, or places where they use public wifi without VPN security.

Cybercriminals know this and can easily exploit these common vulnerabilities.

2. Device Security:

It’s very hard to implement strong security measures for a device that’s always in possession of a user who lacks the requisite awareness of how to be safe.

And some users let their kids or spouses use their smartphones, which creates even greater risk.

And most users don’t know how to keep their devices safe (e.g. avoid public wifi, and use VPN services when it’s necessary to use wifi outside the office or home).

3. Phishing & Social Engineering

Exploiting human nature via psychology hacks is ridiculously easy so this vulnerability is almost always a component of any cyberattack.

People are too quick to click on links that seem to be from trusted sources but are not.

That’s basically giving hackers “skeleton keys” to do what they want with their target’s device (e.g. set up ransomware that locks it down unless they pay the hefty ransom)


Law firms must take extra steps to protect data that members access remotely, such as:

  • providing cybersecurity training
  • requiring multi-factor authentication
  • using VPNs for secure connections, and
  • installing security software on remote devices.

Cybersecurity for remote lawyers requires extra effort to implement and maintain. But it’s well worth the investment.

If you are unable to implement effective security measures, then seek expert assistance.


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