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Are you in an abusive relationship with technology?

By June 28, 2005Uncategorized

At LegalTech there were lots of presentations on how to use basic programs like Word or Wordperfect.  At one of the sessions presented by Donna Payne and Adriana Linares someone raised their hand and said that they hated Word because it tried to ‘guess what they wanted’ and that drove them nuts.  For example, the audience member said, "it keeps trying to auto-number and I don’t like that."

Donna Payne asked "do you know that’s a preference setting that you can turn off?"  No, he didn’t know that.  "Okay," she said and then calmly proceeded to show him how to adjust the preference to his liking in three clicks.  The man was speechless with rapt joy as the skies parted above him while angelic music began to play.

Three clicks.  That was the difference between Heavan and Hell.  How many of you would endure a leaky roof in your house before you called a plumber? How many of you would endure a terrible pain before you went to see a doctor?  Why do we put up with the pain of technology?  Is it because we don’t know who to ask?

Hint: ask a technology trainer.  Someone like Donna Payne or Adriana Linares.

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