The ‘Is It Worth It’ Factor

My friend has this way of evaluating things, which she calls the “Is It Worth It Factor.”

For example, many men cheat on their spouses or girlfriends. But some of those men figure out that, in the long run, the volcanic drama that eventually ensues isn’t worth it.

The “Is It Worth It Factor” is not limited to the male propensity towards infidelity. It’s about cultivating heightened awareness, based on experience.

What we call wisdom might just be a skill.

Maybe the key skill for wisdom is being always ready to evaluate the endless stream of impulses, temptations, and expectations that present themselves to us.

The skill is to evaluate that stream of mental flotsam by asking the simple question: is it worth it?

What kinds of things have you found to be not worth it? Hit the comments below and share your wisdom.

What are 5 top New Orleans restaurants?

I have a friend who owns a couple of New Orleans restaurants, and has been in the business since he was sixteen. His restaurant is one of the best in the city, but he admires a lot of the other folks who run restaurants.

So, I posed this hypothetical: Say you had a close friend coming to town who’d never been here, and wanted to know where to go eat. What are 5 top New Orleans restaurants (other than yours) that you’d recommend?

He immediately rattled off the following list, along with some quick comments (reproduced as best I can remember them):

  1. Gautreau’s  “Small & intimate: many years of outstanding quality”
  2. Clancy’s  “If Galatoire’s had great food and was Uptown”
  3. La Petite Grocery “New owner made an amazing place even better”
  4. Lilette “Owner is kind of a jerk, but the food is absolutely stunning”
  5. GW Fins “Hidden gem (in the French Quarter?) with fresh, wonderful seafood”

I was surprised by the GW Fins recommendation, but after asking several locals who care about quality seafood and disdain tourist traps, they all raved about GW Fins as well. I’ve never eaten there, but it looks like I’ll have to check it out.

If you have an opinion about top New Orleans restaurants not on the well-worn tourist path, leave a comment and let us know what they are. Or see if you can guess which restaurant my friend owns.

The best success books follow a pattern, usually

The best success books have a formula that makes them easy to read.

They focus on a narrow topic that’s easily compressed into an enticing title—like, for example: “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.” That simple formula also makes the books easy to sell to the self-improvement crowd.

If you want to be successful teaching people to succeed you stick to the formula.

Only a bold self-help author would dare tackle “how to make it big in life.” And if they included the phrase “how to fail” in the book’s title? Well, you’d think they were crazy too.

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