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The Strategic Blueprint

Creating a successful law firm is not something that happens overnight. It’s a thoughtful process. And while technology is an important aspect, it’s only one aspect.

Here’s a blueprint for creating a thriving modern law practice that will allow you to harness technology in a smooth, non-disruptive manner.

I. Foundation

To create a thriving practice, you need to have a clear vision for success. You also need to define goals that will lead you to success. And finally, you need to identify the people that can give you help along the way as you encounter challenges.

1. Vision & Mindset

Most lawyers don’t approach their practices with the right mindset. When you cultivate a growth mindset you can easily see great opportunities that lead you towards a fulfilling practice. And a fulfilling life.

There’s a proven process for cultivating the optimal mindset, which will help you clarify a powerful vision for your practice.

2. Systems & Goals

Once you know what kind of practice you want, you should map out the key goals that will ensure that you create it—one careful step at a time. Most lawyers aren’t systematic about running their practices. You also need to define processes and procedures for your ideal practice, and then document those in a “Systems Manual.”

Creating systems, and documenting them well, is crucial if you want your practice to run smoothly—especially whenever you’re not in the office.

3. Ongoing Guidance

You’ll need ongoing help in several areas, if you want to build a smooth-running, profitable practice.

Mostly you’ll need help with business strategy, operations, marketing (especially online marketing), and technology—which is part of every aspect of any modern business. The consultants you engage should all be knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy.

II. Marketing

Marketing the most important thing in any business because it’s how you get work that generates revenue. Most lawyers have no clue how to properly market their practices.

1. Trust Building

First you must understand basic principles of human psychology, especially as it relates to establishing rapport with people that don’t know you. Then you must build up trust, especially if you’re marketing online.

2. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is the easiest, least expensive, and most powerful form of marketing. That’s because it leverages trust that already exists.

You can use inexpensive technology to amplify and improve referral marketing. But if you aren’t getting enough good clients by this method alone, then you should consider using online marketing.

3. Online Marketing

Online marketing system requires a thoughtful strategy for building trust with complete strangers. This takes time and a serious upfront monetary investment.

But if you do it right you can automate the process of attracting top-quality prospects.

III. Operations

If you want a smooth-running practice you need to work on streamlining every aspect of your operations. And most of all, you must use technology in a sensible, strategic manner.

1. Paperless Lawyering

You must dramatically reduce the amount of paper you have to manage in your practice. You need to get a proper scanner, and learn to use PDFs efficiently. And you must take advantage of cloud-based storage services.

2. Automation

Once you’ve created a paperless practice, and have systematized the key workflows in your practice, you can start automating. The biggest gains in automation are often the most complex to set up.

Working with a technology consultant can make things a lot easier, and lead to faster efficiency gains.

3. Outsourcing

Whatever you can’t automate, you should be looking to delegate. And in a modern law firm it often makes sense to outsource. Figuring out what is best to outsource and how to do it may involve some trial-and-error testing. But the payoff will be worth it.

Again, you can minimize failures and frustrations if you get solid guidance from someone experienced in hiring virtual assistants.

And whenever you’re ready…

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