How can spending eight months traveling and working help you become more productive?

Well, ask Megan Hargroder, a veritable digital nomad. In this episode of the podcast she explained how being a “digital nomad” has changed and radically improved how she gets work done.

For example, she shares how she learned to complete a day’s work in 90 minutes. We also discussed:

  • The challenges of working while constantly traveling
  • Options for getting low-cost data on your cellphone (important for using GPS)
  • Her use of WeWork offices, and why she uses other options too
  • How to communicate with staff and clients while traveling
  • The best tech tools to work easier and to make life easier (see the list below)
  • Megan’s company website (a digital marketing agency helping solo/small firm lawyers)
  • ExpresssVPN (Virtual Private Network service, link to 30-day free trial)
  • Airalo (app & services for using virtual SIM cards, aka eSIM) – use this code to get $3 off your first purchase: ERNEST3504
  • World Clock app (for time zone management)
  • FIO (browser tool for time zone management)
  • Slack (communication tool for remote teams)
  • Microsoft Teams (alternative communication tool for remote teams)
  • Joey Vitale program that teaches outsourcing skills
  • Loom (video communication tool)
  • VideoAsk (video communication tool)
  • Google Suite (mentioned as a potential alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams)
  • WeWork (shared workspace provider)

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