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Your special abilities – (what I discovered)

By December 16, 2014June 14th, 2018Uncategorized

In the last post I talked about two questions to ask so you can get clear on what close friends think are your special abilities.

And I told you I was doing the same thing, and would report back. Well, I’m following through on my promise…

Here are the 2 questions, and the dominant responses I got back from my close friends.

1. What is my most special ability?

  • strong infectious curiosity, both outwardly and inwardly focused
  • intellectual curiosity to connect non-obvious associations in a relevant manner

2. What do I naturally do better than most people?

  • great communicator, both written and spoken
  • Communicate engagingly via descriptive and–often—very funny story-telling
  • verbal and written communication to enlighten, entertain and/or educate
  • learning and communicating, better than most at communicating that information
  • capability to communicate …in a way that can inspire people to think different

How about you?

Did you send your 5 close friends or relatives an email asking them to quickly tell you what they think your especially good at?

If not, maybe you should. How surprised will you be at the consistency in the responses?

And will those consistent responses help you better understand yourself?

There’s only one way to find out.

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