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A few years ago I went into a major life slump.

Details don’t matter; Most of us understand massive psychological pain.

When you’re in a deep hole you can discover surprisingly useful things.

That definitely happened to me.

Meditation was one really useful thing I found, which I’ve blogged about before.

But there was another incredible thing, which until now I’ve never mentioned (or even hinted at).

Maybe the meditation helped it happen. Hard to say.

One thing I know: the benefits from meditation (subtle at first) became noticeable fairly soon.

This other thing took well over a year before I felt the power.

I don’t mind. The wait was worth it…

For the past few months I’ve enjoyed a hailstorm of gold nuggets.

But that’s just the prelude.

My “big crazy dream” is also about to come true.

What’s my big crazy dream?

Doesn’t matter.

But let’s just say that, soon, my dream life will be completely realized.

A dream life that, back when I was trapped in my dark hole of massive despair, seemed totally impossible.

I don’t know exactly what led me here, but…

now as I think about it

The whole thing was weird, and fucking random.

Basically, I stumbled across a YouTube video and got intrigued by what some guy was saying to a ballroom audience.

The guy was easy to listen to.

He seemed to have his shit together.

He was unpretentious, and funny.

So I kept listening.

And afterwards I began to get some incredible clarity about my life.

Yeah, … totally weird.

Anyway, I know you’re wondering about the video…

Yes, I still know where it is.

And no, I won’t make you hunt it down on YouTube.

I put a 15 minute excerpt (from the longer video that I originally watched) down below on this page.

Will watching the video help you like it helped me?

Obviously I have no idea.

I only know that something clicked when I listened to Frank Kern almost two years ago now.

Something clicked, and then…

The unhelpful voice in my head abruptly went offline.

So I went searching…

I wound up on a website with a PDF workbook.

The website was run a guy named Paul Myers.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these people. They’re not famous.

I didn’t care about Frank Kern or Paul Myers when I came across them.

I just knew I wanted to change my life.

That was my only goal.

And that was the moment everything changed.

It happened when I finally sat the fuck down, picked up a pen…and finally…

Scrawled out the true goal for my life.

That act of just writing down words on pieces of paper seems so trivial. And yet…

It can be magic.

Truly defining your life’s goal is pretty powerful.

Because you know what happens when you set a goal?

You move forward.

And when you don’t?

You stay where you are.

Real simple shit.

Nothing mystical.

But mundane stuff can often conceal great power.

For example, your thoughts might seem mundane.

But what’s really going on inside your head right now?

How often do you sit down and take stock of what’s happening inside of your head?

Sure, there’s that unhelpful voice.

We all know about that.

Totally mundane.

But sometimes the unhelpful voice goes offline.

You know what happens then?

Yeah, neither did I.

Frank Kern’s 15 minute riff to a ballroom audience
(btw, click the FullScreen button)

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