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Yelp, a little louder would ya?

By November 30, 2003January 5th, 2018travel

Have you heard about Yelp?  It’s sort of a cross-breed of Amazon’s user-reviews and the Yellow Pages’ directory of local businesses.  Yelp has reviews of restaurants, bars, yoga studios, and whatever.  But the reviews are (did I mention this already?) by every day users.  Here’s the New Orleans page.  Apparently, Yelp all the rage in cities like San Francisco.  Although I hear that in SF the vegans are on a major campaign to blast restaurants that aren’t ‘vegan friendly.’  That doesn’t make sense to me.  I thought a non-meat diet was supposed to make you less aggressive.

Oh well.  Speaking of San Francisco, though, I’m heading there today.  I’ll be there until Sunday, but probably won’t have much time to socialize.  I’ll be bopping around like a sub-atomic particle whose location can only be defined in terms of probabilities.  There is, however, a high-probability that at some point I’ll be in the Apple Store.

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